Cuckoo Clock - 1-Day Chalet with Horse & Blacksmith - Schneider

1-Day Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

Movement: Blacksmith working at forge

Manual Night shut off

Slide pendulum with wooden stem

Chalet cuckoo clocks are known for their skillful use of color and stain in order to create compositions of great detail while still ensuring that nothing is missed by the viewer. This wonderful little chalet, which displays a quaint scene of Black Forest country living, is no exception. Varying degrees of dark stain are used throughout the clock’s design in order to create contrast. By using this method, the clock makers create a feeling of depth, which is emphasized by the rustically textured finish of the cuckoo clock’s face. This also serves to highlight the dial, making certain that it remains a focal point without overpowering the clock’s other elements.

Starting from the right facing the clock a detailed horse stands in his paddock. Large decorative horseshoes adorn the fencing, one small example of this clock’s great attention to detail. The horse’s gaze leads the viewer’s eye towards the clock’s main attraction, a moving blacksmith expertly hammering away at his forge. He will strike his hammer in time to the calls of the cuckoo. His vest is red, which matches perfectly to the red shutters placed above him to either side. The flower detailing on the window sills adds yet another delightful splash of color, as does the pine tree set behind the blacksmith’s anvil.

The roof of the chalet is done in a textured pattern reminiscent of the clock’s face. The carvers have elected to use lighter blonde wood to outline the gingerbread that frames the windows and runs along beneath the cuckoo door. Although this may seem like an insignificant detail, it actually matches well to the base of the clock which is done in a much darker stain. The rustic, branchlike pattern that is used serves to ground the clock and provides a solid base for the rest of the scene.

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Black Forest Chalet cuckoo clock. Featuring a moving blacksmith and finely carved horse. 1-Day | Manual night shut off | Carved in Germany | Schneider
Additional Info
Additional Info
SKU 76/9
Movement 1 Day
Dancers No
Music No
Music Notes N/A
Size (cm) 25 x 22 x 15
Size (inches) 9.8 x 8.7 x 5.9
Night Shut Off Manual
Warranty 2 Years
Country of Manufacture Germany
Manufacturer Anton Schneider
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