Cuckoo Clock - 1-Day Chalet with Boar, Rabbits & Deer - Schneider

1-Day Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

Manual Night shut off

Slide pendulum with wooden stem

Lovers of animals will be enchanted by this charmingly whimsical chalet cuckoo clock. The theme for the clock is spring time, as is depicted by the widespread appearance of baby animals associated with that time of year. Beginning from the left facing the clock, a small bunny sits behind a rock nestled amongst a green pile of forest bracken. A young squirrel sits beside him happily munching away at an acorn, giving the impression that the pair has become fast friends on their first outing into the forest. The bunny is painted in a light tan color, while the squirrel is slightly darker. This ensures that the two youngsters are easily viewable and that they stand out from the dark stain prevalent in the rest of the cuckoo clock’s design. A tall pine tree stands behind them, matching to its twin on the right hand side of the clock case. The dark green of the trees match to the green shutters of the chalet and suggests to the viewer that the clock is nestled deep in the Black Forest.

On the far right hand side of the clock beneath the tree sits two fawns. They patiently await their mother atop another artfully placed pile of forest bracken. The continued use of green throughout the cuckoo clock’s design is the perfect counterpoint to its dark stain. The fawns timidly regard the viewer adding a striking element of realism. Slightly off-center beneath the clock dial sits the bravest of the bunch – a baby Black Forest piglet! His current tiny size belies the mighty beast that he will one day become. He still behaves as though he was a full-grown boar, however, as he boldly noses amongst the undergrowth for tasty acorns.

The base of the clock is carved in a rustic fashion and stained slightly darker than the rest of the cuckoo clock’s case. This feature grounds the clock and gives the scene something to play out on. Light blonde timbers are set on the clock’s face which provides a delightful accent. The windows and shutters are placed on a slightly raised section with gingerbread cutouts framing the cuckoo door.

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Black Forest Chalet cuckoo clock. Featuring a delightful selection of finely carved baby animals. 1-Day | Manual night shut off | Carved in Germany | Schneider
Additional Info
Additional Info
SKU 64/9
Movement 1 Day
Dancers No
Music No
Music Notes N/A
Size (cm) 21 x 19 x 15
Size (inches) 8.3 x 7.5 x 5.9
Night Shut Off Manual
Warranty 2 Years
Country of Manufacture Germany
Manufacturer Anton Schneider
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