Steinbach Nutcrackers

As of October 2015, Steinbach has filed for bankruptcy and has since been sold and downscaled. It is now operating from a different location in the Erzgebirge. We observed some quality and availability issues last Christmas with the Steinbach Nutcrackers we had offered. We anticipate carrying future Steinbach products once we feel our customers will be getting only the highest German quality craftsmanship they have come to expect from Fehrenbach Black Forest Clocks.

Although a smaller manufacturer, Christian Ulbricht continues to make premium quality handmade nutcrackers and we are proud to continue offering them to our customers. When we first opened our USA store Christian Ulbricht nutcrackers and smokers were displayed and have continued to be one of our most popular lines. They pass the all-important up close inspection test and look even better in person.

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