Cuckoo Clock of the Year Winners

VdS Cuckoo Clock of the Year Award Winners

Each year since 2001, the VdS (Verein die Schwarzwalduhr) or Black Forest Clock Association allows its member cuckoo clock manufacturers from the Black Forest to present their wares for recognition. These cuckoo clocks are then voted on by the public who are visitors to a select location each year where the clocks are displayed. Usually 10-15 cuckoo clocks are shown and voted on by thousands of visitors - mostly for their aesthetic appeal and originality. While some Cuckoo Clock of the Year award winners have been retired, other recent winners are still available to order and we proudly present our selection below.

2010 - August Schwer - Black Forest Train - Only 1 Made!

2012 - HEKAS - Moving Woodcutters - Only 10 Made / No longer produced. See similar model!