Ordering ANRI Nativity sets

How to order your ANRI Nativity figurines correctly.

What the item numbers mean:

For our example we will use 79710/07C - "Woman with Jug" which is part of the 3" Karl Kuolt ANRI Nativity set.

ANRI ordering details

The first part of the SKU number (79710) refers to the set. All other figurines in that set will start with those 5 numbers. The stable will often, but not always, use that same number.

The second part (07) indicates the figure itself. You will commonly see different versions of a figure in an ANRI set with the same name, for example "Sheep Standing". Each will have their own unique 2-digit number within the set, which will be listed on the product page. You should always use the number vs. the name if possible.

The letter ‘C’ or ‘N’ may be listed in some ANRI materials. This indicates whether the carving is painted (Color) or unpainted (Natural). Since most ANRI collectors prefer the painted items, we do not list the letter in the SKU number. Every ANRI piece in our catalog is the color version unless specified otherwise as Natural.

Before ordering, please be sure to know either the correct ANRI number or artist & size.

Determining size:

ANRI ordering details

Every piece in the ANRI Nativity set may be listed as the same size but they are actually scaled to make sense within the Nativity scene.

You will always know the size of the set by measuring St. Joseph. All other figures are based on that piece. If your St. Joseph figure is 3" tall, you have the 3" set. Since most of our collectors are in the U.S. we list everything in inches. Please keep in mind that if you see ANRI information elsewhere it is possible they are using centimeters instead.

Matching pieces:

You may still be able to get a missing figure or complete an ANRI Nativity set that is very old. This is because the look of the original artist's sculpture is kept. However, color variance could be a possibility. As a piece ages, a natural patina develops which cannot always be perfectly matched. It is also possible that a different type of wood was used on the original set than what is currently used.

Delivery Time:

The delivery time of your piece could be very short or substantial depending on what you require. We have many figures in stock and ANRI has many more that are available for immediate shipment. If your figure needs to be carved, it could be a longer wait. We always have an updated list of available inventory both here and at ANRI. Feel free to contact us first if you prefer and we can provide a lead time for your order.

Christmas is the most high demand time for ANRI Nativity sets. We specify a guarantee date for available figures, but the sooner the order is placed the better, as this is an imported product and demand could exceed the supply ANRI has carved. If delivery is going to be time sensitive - please don't wait!

If there is any uncertainty about what figure you need, please contact us first - we are here to help!

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