Cuckoo Clock - 8-Day Timber Haul with Horse - August Schwer

Cuckoo Clock of the Year Award Winner - 2015

8-Day Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

Movements: Turning mill wheel | Spinning dancers

Available with hand-cut back plate on request

Automatic Night shut off - Exclusively from Fehrenbach!

Music featuring 2 separate, alternating songs on each hour

Songs: Edelweiss and The Happy Wanderer

Premium 5-year warranty

This impressive cuckoo clock is the first place Black Forest Cuckoo Clock of the Year Award winner for 2015. The award is given out by the Black Forest Clock Association and is voted upon by the public. To win first place is a coveted title within the industry and is a mark of artistry and craftsmanship. This clock specifically differs from its contemporaries with the addition of a darkly stained back plate that is cut in such a fashion as to accentuate the shape of the clock. The clock can be ordered with or without the back plate, which would not affect the general design.

A rare Black Forest Horse, or Schwartzwaelder Kaltblut, is the clock’s main focal point along with his master, the woodsman. This horse is known for its strength and endurance as is evidenced by the large sledge of wood that he pulls behind him with minimal effort. He is painted a deep brown, with a light brown mane, tail and fetlocks. His mane and tail are long and well maintained as is typical for the breed; he is quite obviously a cherished member of the farm family. He is placed atop a small patch of gravel that is lightly colored which stands out perfectly against the dark colors used for the clock’s case. The woodsman is positioned behind the sledge on the far right-hand side facing the clock, having just unhooked the days haul. The logs are “parked” along the side of the house, ready to be cut into boards, shingles, firewood and other useful items. Such details as a wood axe stuck into the log pile add an element of realism to the scene. The woodsman is stationary and is painted in muted tones that serve the same purpose as the gravel patch, allowing the details of the figurine to be viewed easily against the clock’s dark background. He is bearded and carries the tools of his trade as well as a small driving switch for directing his horse companion. Continuing towards the left-hand side is one of the clock’s moving elements – a turning mill wheel. Its lazy motion provides the perfect counterpoint to the large stationary elements on the opposite side. In front of the mill wheel and continuing around the side of the clock are a number of dark green pine trees which gives the impression that the clock is nestled deep within the Black Forest. A small grey rabbit stands beside the wheel amongst the trees, further adding to the woodland theme.

The cuckoo clock case itself is done in a rustic style with a well carved and textured base. Red shutters match to the dark stain and serve to guide the viewer’s eye around the clock and throughout the scene as the carver’s intended. When the music plays, the dancers will spin and twirl, displaying the bright colors of their costumes. The roof is complexly hand shingled and features a dormer as well as an impressive bell tower at its peak. A small chimney serves to balance the roofline against the dormer. Should the clock be purchased with the back plate, there is a small scene of pine trees and forest elements set just under the weights when they are fully wound. This adds a delightful element of color and also breaks up the flat features of the plate.

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Chalet cuckoo clock with music. A man and his horse return home with a full load of timber. 8-Day | Automatic night shut off | Carved in Germany | August Schwer
Additional Info
Additional Info
SKU 5.8861.01.P
Movement 8 Day
Dancers Yes
Music Yes
Music Notes 36 notes
Size (cm) 69 x 48 x 30
Size (inches) 27.2 x 19 x 12
Night Shut Off Automatic
Warranty 5 Years
Country of Manufacture Germany
Manufacturer August Schwer
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