Cuckoo Clock - 8-Day Gutach Valley Mill - August Schwer

Cuckoo Clock of the Year Award Winner - 2008

8-Day Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

Movements: Turning waterwheel | Bell tower with moving bell | Spinning dancers

Automatic Night shut off - Exclusively from Fehrenbach!

Music featuring 2 separate, alternating songs on each hour

Songs: Edelweiss and The Happy Wanderer

Premium 5-year warranty

The theme for this exceptional cuckoo clock is that of a Black Forest farm with a mill house, specifically a farm from the historic Gutach Valley. It is the 2008 first place award winner for the Cuckoo Clock of the Year. This contest is held once a year by the Black Forest Clock Association, or VDS, and is voted on by the public. It is easy to see why this cuckoo clock was able to claim the coveted title of first place, as it is richly adorned with all of the important elements from a working German farmstead.

Animals are the backbone of any farm, and this cuckoo clock makes certain to emphasis that relationship. Starting from the right looking at the clock is a hog pen with two grown swine. Two small piglets root in the earth for treats next to a woodpile while their parents keep a watchful eye. The base of the cuckoo clock on which the rest of the scene takes place is exquisitely adorned with a myriad of fine details. Different colors and styles of moss and forest bracken are precisely placed to provide texture. Other accents include buckets, barrels and even a pair of small chickens. Next to these elements is a doghouse, before which a German Shephard dog stands at attention. He is realistically hand-painted, with the colors of his glossy coat matching perfectly to the brown stains used throughout the rest of the clock. Sandwiched between a rustic water trough and a brilliantly white group of geese is a trio of young children. They laugh amongst themselves as clearly taking their leisure is much more fun than a day of hard work. The misty spray from the mill wheel to their left keeps them cool during the hot summer day. A brilliantly painted blue bird perched atop the water trough provides a delightful splash of color. The scene is finally culminated on the far left by a small pond. A brown and white dairy cow stands by the pond in a paddock that mirrors the hog pen on the opposite side.

The cuckoo clock case itself is finished in a rich, almost chocolate stain. This is accented by the lighter stain used for the clock’s two separate balconies. These are carved in a complicated and delicate gingerbread style which reinforces the traditional theme. Finally, the dancers for this impressive cuckoo clock are all children playing instruments. Each is a unique figurine with its own special instrument. The viewer can expect to find something new with each experience!

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Chalet cuckoo clock with music. With a multitude of carved figurines and fine detail work. 8-Day | Automatic night shut off | Carved in Germany | August Schwer
Additional Info
Additional Info
SKU 5.8877.01.P
Movement 8 Day
Dancers Yes
Music Yes
Music Notes 36 notes
Size (cm) 65 x 59 x 30
Size (inches) 25.6 x 23.2 x 11.81
Night Shut Off Automatic
Warranty 5 Years
Country of Manufacture Germany
Manufacturer August Schwer
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