Cuckoo Clock - 8-Day Gutshof / Estate House - August Schwer

Cuckoo Clock of the Year Award Winner - 2004

8-Day Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

Movements: Turning oompah band | Farmer’s wife pulling bell rope | Bell tower with moving bell | Spinning dancers

Carved Horse and cart

Automatic Night shut off - Exclusively from Fehrenbach!

Music featuring 2 separate, alternating songs on each hour

Songs: Edelweiss and The Happy Wanderer

Premium 5-year warranty

This wonderful cuckoo clock, the Gutshof Estate, is made to resemble a large, well-appointed Black Forest farmhouse. It has the distinction of being the first place 2004 Black Forest Clock Association Award winner, and for obvious reasons. To win first place in this contest is a high honor in the industry and this impressive cuckoo clock is more than deserving of the title. It is possessed of a myriad of figurines, some with movement, some stationary, that all work in concert to contribute to the theme of a bustling farm.

Starting from the right facing the clock is its most impressive set of carvings – an authentic German Oompah band. They are quite detailed; richly hand painted and will turn from side to side as the music plays. This creates the illusion that they are playing along with the music, a feature that is reinforced by the colorful spinning dancers located on a balcony just under the cuckoo door. The band is set upon a platform that raises them slightly above the detail work along the base of the clock, ensuring that no small facet is missed. Continuing to the left, past small stacks of wood, trees and barrels stands the farm’s resident dog. The lighter brown hues used to paint his coat match very well to the darker stain of the rest of the clock. Next to him stands the Lady of the House. She is dressed in traditional Black Forest garb done in tones of red and blue that allow her to stand out as a focal point. She pulls a red bell cord as the cuckoo calls, which will actually cause the bell in the tower above to move to and fro. A small tabby cat looks on from his perch atop the stairs, wondering why everyone is so busy when there are so many perfect places to take a nice, long nap. Finally, on the extreme left is a horse in his paddock. He is colored a brilliant yellowish-tan color that serves to balance the scene against the Oompah band on the other side.

This fantastic cuckoo clock is also extremely well designed, even divorced of the figurines. It continues its attention to detail with the addition of such elements as a reaping scythe, small bundles of wheat, hand painted owls located on the dancer doors and two separate dormers. The dormers balance the roof in a pleasingly symmetrical fashion. The roof itself has hand placed shingles that further demonstrate the high quality craftsmanship that earned this clock its title. Dominating the scene is a large bell tower which adds height to the clock. This causes the clock appear larger in order to make certain that the scene does not become too muddled by the large amount of details. The viewer can always expect to find some new hidden component which creates a delightfully enjoyable experience. This cuckoo clock is a true masterpiece!

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Chalet cuckoo clock with music. An Oompah band plays classic tunes to the delight of all. 8-Day | Automatic night shut off | Carved in Germany | August Schwer
Additional Info
Additional Info
SKU 5.8875.01.P
Movement 8 Day
Dancers Yes
Music Yes
Music Notes 36 notes
Size (cm) 57.9 x 47 x 26.9
Size (inches) 22.8 x 18.5 x 10.6
Night Shut Off Automatic
Warranty 5 Years
Country of Manufacture Germany
Manufacturer August Schwer
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