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Timeless treasures, the ANRI Nativity sets and ANRI wood figurines are all hand carved and hand painted in Tyrol as they have been for more than 100 years. As one of the only authorized ANRI dealers located in the USA, you can be sure you are getting only the highest quality pieces. Each figure is shipped directly from ANRI to our store and carefully inspected before reaching your collection.

ANRI Nativity sets are identified by the original artist and the size of the pieces. The size listed for each set refers to St. Joseph and all other figures are scaled accordingly. Expanded sets and Starter sets are available for each ANRI Nativity as are individual pieces for each nativity set.

For other nativity sets or ANRI figures not shown, please contact us.

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Anri Juan Ferrandiz
1969 introduced the ANRI Ferràndiz Nativity to world, famous for its joyful figurines and peaceful look. It is available in 3", 6" and the mini 1.5" sets. You are more than welcome to browse through our extensive ANRI Ferràndiz collection.
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Anri Ulrich Bernardi
Bernardi is one of the most famous ANRI carvers. His nativity is well know for its simplicity and ageless European style. It is our pleasure to share this masterpiece nativity set with you in four different sizes.
Anri Karl Kuolt
Prof. Karl Kuolt born in Germany, was the oldest of all ANRI artists. His carvings are well know all over the world and cherished by many connoisseurs. We are proud to offer you this timeless nativity set in four different sizes in its full beauty.
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Anri Sarah Kay

Sarah Kay ANRI Wood Figurines

Based on Sarah Kay's drawings and Ulrich Bernardi's passion for woodcarving we are proud to present you this extensive selection of collectibles.
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Anri Ferrandiz Collectibles

Ferràndiz Collectibles ANRI Figurines

Juan Ferràndiz is also known for his rare and limited collectibles. In our online shop we feature the whole range of his elegant woodcarving work
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ANRI Montsalvat Chess Set
Legendary in the chess community, the ANRI chess sets are true works of art to be passed down through generations.
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